The Karms Story

Karms Lady

Growing up with sisters and a perfectly groomed mom, I was always aware of fashion trends, what looked good on what body type and what was affordable and fun. I loved experimenting with different looks, in vogue or vintage but often found that I was searching for an item that just didn't exist. A fashion item that would make a statement, unique yet functional.

Something specific for today's woman.

Sure there were items for your hair, your body, your legs…but nothing out there for our arms, nothing to accessorize arms, nothing fun, nothing functional, no bells and whistles.

So, here it is, KarmsTM, easy to wear add-on sleeves. They are available in all colors and textures, fun and playful for everyday and exotic and sexy for nighttime.

Want to kick up your office look? Add a pair of lace KarmsTM sleeves and voila, ready for evening. Want to liven up your little black dress? Accessorize with KarmsTM and your little black dress has an original look and personality each time. Want to wear that gorgeous sleeveless outfit but are not on good terms with your upper arms? Add your KarmsTM sleeves and say hello to a whole new you.

They look great and feel luxurious.

Give them a try and see how they can spice up your look!


Founder of KarmsTM